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Act govt awards kingston harbour contract to former defence minister, ex-army chief and unionist politician

Act govt awards kingston harbour contract to former defence minist우리카지노er, ex-army chief and unionist politician

Sinn Féin is being awarded a contract to provide the island o바카라사이트f Mull of the North with an air defence system to help protect against missile strikes.

The award was made public by Gerry Adams last night. The minister and former Army chief, Martin McGuinness, will remain as an officer in the Irish Republic.

Mr Adams said the award represented the highest standards of government procurement and investment in defence procurement in Irish history.

«I am absolutely delighted to have received this important contract,» he said.

«It’s an important defence investment and I’m very pleased that it is part of the Government’s defence plan to increase our military capabilities and improve the training of the armed forces so we can continue to strike at the enemy and have a very positive impact on Irish life.»

The defence minister told the Irish Independent he was also very grateful to Mr McGuinness, a former unionist assembly member and former Northern Ireland deputy first minister, for bringing this great commitment to public service into the arms race.

«This government has built upon the success of our 바카라first four months in office and it will now use this new contract to make the Irish public’s day-to-day lives safe, sound and better by investing in our defence capability,» he added.

The two announced that they were going to extend an Irish government contract which allows foreign multinational defence company SADC’s to assist in the defence of Ireland.