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Suspended mackay policeman reinstated with back pay

Suspended mackay policeman reinstated with back pay A man suspended for four months is back to work in the Royal Victoria Dockyard after an investigation found he had lied about his identity on the Employment Standards Authority’s online database. custodia cover iphone The 33-year-old man had worked at우리카지노 the RVs since 2013 before he claimed he had «changed his details from his original address» to one that listed his new employment address. custodia cover samsung But the authority found he had not, and had never actually been in the work of the RVs. Pressed by the Herald Sun to explain his error, he admitted it had been wrong. The man had been working at the shipyard in its new site at the rear of the terminal. But he was not a part-time worker. custodia cover samsung He is being reinstated to his current work and now 바카라receives his back pay of $9,200 a year. It is unclear whether the man’s identity will be cleared or removed. Mr Lawlor was told on Monday he had not been in work since last June. custodia iphone cover And he is being referred to a disciplinary tribunal. custodia samsung When contacted by the Herald Sun on Monday, the RVs general manager for service provision, John Kelly, said the man’s reinstatement would be reviewed, with the full findings of the investigation published by next month. Asked whether a further appeal would be possible, he said: «That may be part of the process.» However, Mr Kelly told The Advertiser it could be several weeks before the matter was reviewed, as it was being assessed by two separate agencies. The Herald Sun asked the RVs to be referred to the Employment Standards Authority for comment but was not received. Mr Lawlor, who was initially suspended for four months but subsequently reinstated, told the Herald Sun he had never seen a picture of himself before, and had not even asked the agency who he had worked for. However, on Monday he바카라 told The Advertiser he had been trying to find his old employment address to fill in a form and was asked by a manager if it would be OK. When he said «sure» Mr Lawlor was then warned that his identity had to be verified. «It’s very frustrating,» he said. He asked one of his new management team members to sign over a certificate. «He told me I was a security lapse and to change my ID.